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About us

The Transdisciplinary Collective (TDC) is a community of professionals working together to expand our collective curiosity and imagination.

Our mission is to develop into a inclusive international network that can support and advocate for transdisciplinary practice and practitioners; and deliver solutions through dynamic collaboration with our partners.

The TDC is growing and 2020 will be a groundbreaking year. We are currently producing blog posts, a podcast, open source learning materials, refining our business offering and building the TDC network. This website will be regularly updated with info on all things transdisciplinary.

How do we think our way through the messes we’re in when the way we think is part of the mess?

Nora Bateson

We believe
transdisciplinarity is

An academic approach

An academic approach where different disciplines and fields of knowledge come together, combining academic and non-academic concepts, methods, and people or stakeholders, to work collectively on a complex societal challenge.

A philosophy of life

A philosophy of life based on the existence of multiple levels of perception, consciousness or reality, where all dimensions of the human condition are conceived as inseparable: logic reasoning, bodily awareness and emotions, and the sacred.

Our goals

To foster deep and synergistic collaborations with local, natural and international partners.

To engage, educate and guide stakeholders in transdisciplinary thinking.

To foster a community of practice with free membership and to provide support to our members in their aspirations in the transdisciplinary field.

To provide support to tertiary students in the process of completing a transdisciplinary study.

Our values

Mutual respect is the starting point for any collaboration.

Notions of care, collaboration & slow scholarship are integral.

Cultivation of empathy and humility in the face of complexity and change.

Recognition of varied ways of knowing the world across cultures and respect for diversity. 

Recognition of the capacity of the Earth to nurture life.

Recognition of the Earth’s ecological and evolutionary processes.

Respect for the integrity, health, and resilience of interconnected human and natural communities.

Recognition of the urgent need for social and political chance to support a sustainable future, and the belief that such chance can take place through cultural transformation.

Commitment to social justice and equity for in our economic systems.

Concern for the nees of multiple generations – for all species.

Commitment to the creative process and the power of imagination.

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