The TD Collective is a transdisciplinary bunch

Dr Emilia de la Sienra

BSc Biol; MBA

I am a researcher and an educational practitioner. I am recognised internationally in Transformative Learning for Sustainability due to my work on worldviews which aims to guide the learning design and evaluation of transformative learning experiences. 

I have more than fifteen years of professional experience in designing, implementing and evaluating educational and learning programs, activities and resources in local and international contexts. I have worked for the United Nations, the Mexican Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, the German International Cooperation Agency GIZ, and in my own learning consultancy, Environmental Education and Training. I have substantial experience working in formal and non-formal educational settings, including blended learning and educational technologies.

Dr Tania Leimbach

BFA; Grad DipEd

I am an academic working at the intersection of culture, creativity and ecological relations, with a commitment to environmental and social justice. Through my work I seek to support a viable, equitable and preferable future for as many humans (and non-humans) as possible.

I create pathways and opportunities to broaden and strengthen inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations in education and research. One of my passions is the potential of transdisciplinary arts-science practice to engage audiences with the conditions of life in the Anthropocene. I have project managed creative collaborations between scientists and artists in Australia involving strategic cross-institutional collaboration with several exhibited internationally.

Dr Jenny Kent

BSc (Hons); MEL

I am a transdisciplinary scholar, researcher and lecturer in environmental management and sustainability with an extensive background in community environmental education.  My research interests include sustainability transitions, grassroots social innovation and deliberative democracy.  

I have over twenty years of professional experience spanning the environment, sustainability and education in State and Local Government, my own consultancy business and for environmental NGOs. Most recently my work has centred on academic teaching including curriculum development and delivery incorporating a transdisciplinary learner-centred and Education for Sustainability approach.


Dr Sarina Kilham

BA in SocSci & IntStud; MSustAg

I am a researcher specialising in the nexus of agriculture, rural livelihoods and energy policy in the Global South. I have specialised in the biofuel policies of Timor-Leste and Brazil analysing the impacts of biofuel production on peasant livelihoods.

I have 20 years of professional experience in working a practitioner and researcher in NGOs, the United Nations and universities both in Australia and internationally. I’m an expert in qualitative social research; capacity building for international development sector; sustainable agriculture; sustainable management; social sustainability and monitoring and evaluation in international development. I speak English, Brazilian Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia and Tetun at a professional standard.

Dr Tanja Rosenqvist

BSc Eng; MSc Eng

I am a designer, researcher and humanitarian engineer working to improve life and wellbeing through design and technological development. My work draws on participatory approaches and seeks to empower and give voice to marginalised and vulnerable groups in the decision-making processes that affect their day-to-day lives. 

I have led design and research projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia on topics such as sanitation, public health, solid waste management, taxation, data security, and ageing. I have designed and implemented educational programs for design and engineering students at multiple universities and delivered transformational learning experiences for Australian university students in Cambodia, Nepal, and India.