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We offer a range of services for individuals and organisations interested in exploring transdisciplinarity


The TD Collective team has many years of experience conducting high quality research and managing research projects for private and public clients . We offer skills and experience in budget planning and management; stakeholder engagement and analysis; designing tools and frameworks; policy analysis and development; and monitoring and evaluation frameworks.


The TD Collective designs and delivers transdisciplinary educational events and resources. We offer tailored courses and workshops; school curriculum; teacher training programs; and the facilitation of creative, experiential and transformative learning experiences.


The TD Collective offers a mentoring scheme focused on sharing knowledge, skills and support to organisations interested in utilising transdisciplinary approaches in their business (especially relevant for purpose-driven business, social enterprises and not-for-profits). We also offer mentorship to postgraduate students undertaking transdisciplinary studies.


The TDC organise networking events (in Australia and internationally) to enable people interested in transdisciplinarity to exchange ideas, expertise and opportunities for collaboration. Sign up to our newsletter if you want to become part of the network.

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